Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Summing It Up

When we first starting talking about reading the times and not the eternities I have to admit I was kinda skeptical. I didn't totally understand the concept and I didn't really believe that it could be true. However, if I have learned anything in this class it is most definitely that the past does possess the present.

Through the presentation of the material and mostly through the group presentations, this concept has really hit home. I see the strories we have read in everyday life and see that each of our lives is influenced by those that came before us. As Brian said in his paper, there is no such thing as orginality.

I enjoyed reading each of the texts, because each one had a new idea to be considered and something new to apply to my life. However, Ovid was one of my favorite books that we read. I have always been a sucker for fairytales and I think this is why I enjoyed this particular book so much. Each story contained a transformation that, whatever truth it revealed, it could not happen without some kind of divine or magical intervention. I also enjoyed them because they were so short and every single one had a message and very action packed.

Overall I really enjoyed this class and the kind of creativity it allowed. I was impressed by my peers and my own ability to grasp the material and apply it to my life.

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